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The Sound Mind Investing Handbook
5th Edition!
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Endorsed by respected Christian teachers Larry Burkett, Ron Blue, Mary Hunt, Adrian Rogers, D. James Kennedy, Bill Bright, Charles Stanley, Randy Alcorn, Beverly LaHaye, and Howard Hendricks.

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The Sound Mind Investing Handbook
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Many excellent books teach God's principles of finance. Perhaps one or more of them has helped you lay a strong biblical foundation for carrying out your money management responsibilities. But as you try to apply those principles to making real-life investing decisions, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by jargon and the sheer number of investment possibilities.

Investment advisor Austin Pryor has carefully created a "next step" guide that helps you put Godly principles of finance in motion. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced investor, you'll benefit from stepping across this bridge between "theory" and "action". Each user-friendly lesson is written in everyday English and filled with helpful visual aids. In this updated fifth edition of The Sound Mind Investing Handbook, you'll learn:

  • What investing is and why it's actually quite simple
  • Six characteristics of investing that glorifies God
  • What mutual funds are and why they make investing easier than ever before
  • How to use your personal investing "temperament" and present "season of life" to make decisions and limit your risk
  • How to implement an investment strategy that's guaranteed to help you keep pace with the markets
  • Tax-wise ways to invest for college, including the new state-sponsored 529 savings plans
  • The pros and cons of investing internationally
  • The rules governing IRAs and 401(k)s and which should have the priority
  • How to make the calculations needed to make sure your retirement countdown is on schedule

The first edition of Sound Mind Investing in 1994 won the endorsements of such respected Christian teachers as Larry Burkett, Mary Hunt, Ron Blue, Adrian Rogers, D. James Kennedy, Bill Bright, Charles Stanley, and others. Here are just a few.

"I am a huge fan of Austin Pryor, author of The Sound Mind Investing Handbook and his monthly newsletter. In the same way that I am no economist, I'm not exactly an investment wizard either. Everything I know about investing I learned from Austin Pryor."
Mary Hunt
Founder and Editor / Debt-Proof Living
"When I wrote The Glorious Journey I had to include a quote by Austin Pryor in my book. Here is a man of great insight who has the ability to make difficult subjects easy to comprehend. It is obvious that Sound Mind Investing combines Biblical wisdom with very practical and understandable application. Anyone would profit from reading this book.'"
Dr. Charles F. Stanley
Senior Pastor / First Baptist Church of Atlanta
"Sound Mind Investing gives important steps to help you prepare before you invest. You'll learn how to set priorities, avoid risk, and develop reasonable long-term financial goals. It will tell you everything you need to know to make wise financial choices for your family. And Austin does it without getting bogged down in complex financial terms that might make things confusing for lay people like you and me. This is a vital tool that you'll want to refer to again and again as you make your financial decisions."
Beverly LaHaye
Founder / Concerned Women of America
"If you're looking for an attractive easy-to-follow investment guide written in plain English, look no further. Austin Pryor writes without vested interests in any specific plan or fund. This means greater candor and objectivity. I'm frankly skeptical of a lot of stuff coming out of the financial realm with its short-term 'for this life only' perspective. Austin is a man with a larger and better perspective. May every reader seek to make wise investments of money and time in God's kingdom, investments that will pay off not only in this life, but in the eternal life to come!"
Randy Alcorn
Director of Eternal Perspective Ministries
Author of Money, Possessions & Eternity

This book can help you chart your financial future by using the same concepts that have made Austin's newsletter America's best-selling investment newsletter written from a biblical perspective. Whether you invest a little or a lot, these biblical principles apply to you. In short, he's made learning about investing as painless as it's going to get.

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