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Foreign Investing

Conventional wisdom has long held that a portfolio should be diversified to include a healthy portion of international stocks. Does that conventional wisdom still hold up in light of the changing world economy?

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By Mark Biller
For decades we've all heard what a great diversifier foreign stocks are. Is it still true? We put the conventional wisdom to the test.
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By Mark Biller
Which investments will pay off most handsomely in 2011? No one knows for sure, of course. But a careful look at the economic landscape suggests where the opportunities lie. Here is our annual guide to allocating your investments among various stock and bond categories over the next 12 months.
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By Austin Pryor and Joseph Slife
The 21st century is bringing a reshaping of the worldwide investing landscape, driven by the globalization of financial markets, a rapidly expanding global middle class, and a long-term downward trend in the value of the U.S. dollar. To be sure, the United States remains the world's largest and strongest investing market. But other nations and regions are becoming increasingly attractive, as investors see greater growth opportunities beyond America's shores.
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By Austin Pryor
Unhappy with low yields in your fixed-income funds? You're likely to find better yields overseas — but not without higher risk and greater complexity.
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