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Seven Key Principles for Christian Investing
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What SMI Subscribers Are Saying

It's reassuring that so many respected Christian leaders have given Sound Mind Investing high marks. Equally gratifying are the comments from "ordinary folks" who have found SMI to be a reliable guide to financial growth and stability.
"For several years, we had been praying for investment advice from a Christian perspective. Sound Mind Investing was an answer to prayer. We look forward to and thoroughly enjoy each issue."
Tally Case, NE
Subscriber since 1990
"I want to congratulate you on a job well done. If I would have known this information 15-20 years ago, what a difference it would have made. As a physician, I have little time to read, but I have eagerly read Sound Mind Investing each month... Your newsletter will be recommended to my friends, colleagues and family."
Dr. Randall Jones, WA
Subscriber since 1990
"SMI was an answer to prayer! We've developed a workable budget, paid off debt, started a contingency fund, opened college savings accounts, and went from negative returns in our retirement accounts to positive returns — immediately. Best of all, we get our financial advice from a source that truly puts God first."
Cate Brizzell, NY
Subscriber since 2000
Brizzell Family
"Your publication is very helpful to me. An investment guide with a Christian perspective was sorely needed. I greatly appreciate your time and effort in producing this investment guide."
Thomas Messinger, KY
Subscriber since 1990
"SMI allows me to keep my perspective, with God as my focus and not bigger profits. I find it easy to get greedy when working on my portfolio — SMI helps me remember who really owns the money."
Jeff Carr, OH
Subscriber since 1996
"I so appreciate SMI! Thank you for all that you do. You are, without a doubt, the best 'one stop' resource for anyone's total financial needs. I tell everyone about you!"
Bobby and Carla Sullivan, KY
Web Member since 2005
Sullivan Family
"I have found SMI's counsel and articles to be invaluable. One of the things I appreciate most is that the newsletter tells us specifically what to buy and when. I don't want to know all the ins and outs of investing, I just want to invest the money the Lord has allowed me to control with as little hassle as possible."
Gerry Horton, NY
Subscriber since 1990
"I subscribe to several other investment publications, but SMI is unique and is the only one that I trust. I regularly recommend SMI to my friends and family."
Ernie Austin, TN
Subscriber since 1991
"This year has been a rocky road, but I feel that I have a special guardian angel named Sound Mind Investing. Keep up the good work."
Alvin Gee, TX
Web Member since 1992
The Gee Family
"SMI gives you accurate, concise information that simplifies decision-making, and it does it from biblical principles!"
Randy Dodd, CA
Subscriber since 1991
"Your approach to investing is simple and easy to understand and apply. I can trust your advice to be balanced and unbiased. Thanks for a great newsletter."
Richard Hurst, TN
Subscriber since 1991
"The Sound Mind Investing newsletter has given me access to a proven investing method that is simple to follow and will return the cost of my annual subscription many times over. The Sound Mind Investing website and message board are a great place to ask investing questions and get great advice from other subscribers."
Craig Weeks, TX
Web Member since 2005
Weeks Family
"I look forward each month to SMI even when — and often especially when — I see your basic middle of the road investments have again beaten my hot tip, home run investments! It continually teaches me humility and patience. Thanks."
John Woll, OR
Subscriber since 1992
"How uniquely refreshing! I appreciate SMI's gutsy honesty and willingness to evaluate (and publish) the results of past recommendations. That's very rare from my perspective, but also precisely the reason I keep continuing my subscription."
Gary Stack, HI
Subscriber since 1990