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Seven Key Principles for Christian Investing

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Dear Christian Friend,

The current economic climate is forcing many people to re-evaluate their financial situation. So let me ask you: Are your spending and investing decisions based on a concrete plan?

I recently read that 75 percent of working Americans think they're likely to face a financial crisis when they retire. Are you among them? Or do you have a workable, long-term strategy in place — one tailored to your personal circumstances — that will protect your family and help secure their financial future?

Your FREE copy of Seven Key Principles for Christian Investing will explain how to develop such a strategy. Simply type in your email address below and you'll be able to get your copy right away!

My goal is to help you avoid the #1 financial mistake many Christians make, namely, relying on worldly wisdom rather than biblical principles when earning, saving, spending, and investing money.

Of course, you might be wondering what "Christian investing" actually means and how it differs from investing generally. I believe Christian investing begins with an attitude — an attitude of seeking God's glory. In Seven Key Principles for Christian Investing, I discuss various aspects of "investing for the glory of God" — and I explain how these concepts also yield great benefits to you, the Christian investor.

You see, not only does investing for God's glory honor the Lord, it provides significant safety for investors like you. Indeed, after 30 years in the investing world I'm convinced that it's impossible for a person to self-destruct financially if his or her decision-making is pointed in the direction of God's glory.

So I hope you'll download a FREE copy of Seven Key Principles for Christian Investing. The principles it teaches will help you become a more effective steward of the Lord's resources.

In Seven Key Principles for Christian Investing, I explain why finding peace of mind in investment decisions requires becoming an "initiator" rather than a "responder." Initiators have a concrete game plan in mind. They make the effort to develop a strategy consistent with their long-term financial goals and personal investment temperament.

An initiator-type investor is like a wise grocery shopper who's buying ingredients for a specific recipe. When confronted with "great deals" that aren't on the shopping list, an initiator can simply pass them by and stay focused on his or her plan!

I also want you to understand the difference between investing and speculating. Speculating involves taking a level of risk so great that theoretically it's possible to lose most (or all!) of the money you have invested. Investing, on the other hand, involves putting your money to work, subject to modest levels of risk, in a commercial undertaking where you expect a reasonable return over a long period of time.

Using Scripture as a guide, I have identified four boundaries that will help you avoid speculation and ensure a focused investment strategy:

  • objective, mechanical criteria for decision-making;
  • a portfolio that is broadly diversified;
  • a long-term, get-rich-slow perspective; and
  • a manager's (rather than owner's) mentality.

Your FREE special report Seven Key Principles for Christian Investing looks at how these boundaries come into play in everyday situations. This is a great opportunity to tap into the expertise that has made Sound Mind Investing America's Premier Christian Financial Newsletter. Act now to take advantage of this FREE special report.

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If your spending and investment decisions aren't based on a specific, biblically informed plan, type your email address in the box above, and take your first step toward financial peace of mind, as well as a life of stewardship that glorifies God!

Download your copy of Seven Key Principles for Christian Investing. And let Sound Mind Investing help you become a wise and faithful steward . . . strengthen your future financial security . . . and accelerate your giving to the cause of Christ.

Austin Sig
Austin Pryor
Founder / Publisher

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